Art of the Day #611

choi-tae-hyun-zoofanart by Choi Tae Hyun
Source [1]

Hello again everybody; it’s time for another ZNN Art of the Day Collection.

It’s always fun when you come across a ‘long-lost’ piece of Zootopia fanart, a pic that dates back to the year of the film’s release, yet somehow managed to slip beneath the radar until now.  Likewise, it’s always great when an artist steps outside of their usual subject matter to create a Zootopia fanpic.

Our Featured Image for today manages to fill both slots. It was produced a full seven years ago by Choi Tae Hyun, an illustrator who normally specializes in Manga/Fantasy art.  (Check out the rest of Choi’s work on the Artstation page; its phenomenal.)

And there’s plenty of other great Zootopia fanart where our featured pic came from…as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Resident Savage by DoodleDoxDA
Source [2]

Try Everything Good Tonight by T-b0
Source [3]

Miniature explosions by RandomChibiGirl
Source [4]

Smug fox by @WUYUBAOZHU
Source [5]

Waiting on the Words Son, go get your Children. by @J_ManTheAngel
Source [6]

Nick and Judy by @RansVanceDance
Source [7]

Costume Swap by @penpen_disney
Source [8]

Stop This THing! by @FtK_Artist
Source [9]

Look Here by @_mochicco_
Source [10]

Nick Wilde by @ljillai
Source [11]

Gazelle Kicks by @pppiii2255
Source [12]

Chase Through Little Rodentia by @naco_oekaki
Source [13]

Clingy by @windy00287375
Source [14]

Niiick by @rogue_inks
Source [15]

What if #zootopia was a film noir from the 1930s? by @MermaidPerlas
Source [16]

Out for a Stroll by @123_monooki
Source [17]

Judy Hopps by @123_monooki
Source [18]

Sly bunny by @Imaplatypus_art
Source [19]

old art :’3 by @literallblue
Source [20]

Uncle Nick by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [21]

Judy Hopps in a Sports Bra and Thong by Qupostuv35]
Source [22]

Betrayal by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [23]

Judyy Hopps by glossyblueberry
Source [24]


  1. It’s been a great day for me personally to see these images. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and now I’ve found it here by accident.

  2. For me personally, the day was made better by the fact that I was able to see these pictures. After searched for it in every possible location, I stumbled into it in this one by complete chance.

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