Music Video: “All Groovy” (By AshCMusic)


Hope you’re all feeling chilled and relaxed, cause it’s time to get jiggy with it! We’ve got got a really jiving tune to share that gets down with the Zootopia vibe.

AshCMusic has done quite a few quality pieces of Zootopia music before, and now they’ve gone and synthesized a new song with lyrics taken straight from the movie and Zootopia+. Most of their tunes tend to mix together media from Zootopia with a strong techno-vibe, although in truth, it really transcends the genre and this latest piece is no exception. It all meshes together beautifully to make a quality tune that most will enjoy, especially if they are Zootopia fans. Take a listen below or on YouTube and let us know what you think or if you ended up checking out their other stuff.