Art of the Day #596

Bears – Welcome by imaginativegenius099
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Greetings, fans of Zootopia…and welcome to another fabulous Art of the Day Collection

Our Featured Image for this week includes a character that was originally intended for the ‘Tame Collar’ version of Zootopia–Morris, the little polar bear, Koslov’s son.  When the Zistopia concept was dropped by Disney, he went with it.  Happily, however, he was resurrected as the younger version of his father for the Disney+ series, appearing in the episode Godfather of the Bride.

But don’t think that’s the only great piece of Zootopia fanart we have waiting on tap for you today. We’ve got Nick Wilde, playing second fiddle to Robin Hood, Judy, hanging out with the Cowpoke Critters gang, and say-y-y, how about a Zootopia/Arcane crossover? There’s all this and more waiting for you when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Judy Hopps Casual Attire by @alexaceves3
Source [2]

Furry’s Angels by EmperorStarscream
Source [3]

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Chibis by princessfoxdash777
Source [4]

WildeHopps by risang150101
Source [5]

ME Nikc Judy by AksisQo
Source [6]

Judy doodles by BrachyArtz
Source [7]

Mlemming for her absolutely adorable fox boyfriend by Magenta7
Source [8]

Upstaged by Robin by Ivan Shavrin
Source [9]

New banner 🙂 by @QupoStuv35
Source [10]

Seaside by @123_monooki
Source [11]

It’s harvest day by @KenjiroPakwan
Source [12]

Only one of them is into falling i gues by @boloidwastaken
Source [13]

It’s called a “Hustle,” sweetheart! by @lIJCThorntonll
Source [14]

It’s called a “Hustle,” sweetheart! by @lIJCThorntonll
Source [15]

Go for a swim? by @JonnyDoodles
Source [16]

Bikini Judy Hopps by Qupo by ParadoxJH
Source [17]

My Precious Flower by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [18]

Wilde Business by DrumSkunk
Source [19]

Sunset Valley by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [20]

Clawhauser by Marijke-Rose
Source [21]

Dawn Bellwether Fanart by SalameMagico20102
Source [22]

Doug Ramses by David Tineo Rangel
Source [23]

Bun Caught Off Guard by Aozee
Source [24]

Arcane Zootopia by WhiteFangKakashi300
Source [25]

Fanart with foxes! by alt_muellermeier
Source [26]

NICK by BulkaaOga
Source [27]

Duke new business by Kheel
Source [28]

Judy by RedRime
Source [29]

Nick & Judy by Athena0023
Source [30]

Boxer by tangerinedragon
Source [31]

Duke new business by Kheel
Source [32]

Cowpoke Critters Crossover by KiyoshiRingtail97
Source [33]

FREE HUG by AlastorRekfast
Source [34]