Art of the Day #591

Nick Wilde by Space_Bunny_Workshop
Source [1]

Hello again, everybody…and welcome to another collection of fantastic Zootopia fanart.

Our Featured Image for today is the first in a series of three amazing Zootopia character figurines created by the Space Bunny Workshops. These are not CGI images folks, they’re actual sculptures…and don’t the second and third ones capture Nick and Judy’s personalities just perfectly?

And there’s lots of other great artwork where those three came from…as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Running Nick Wilde by Space_Bunny_Workshop
Source [2]

Judy Figurine by Space_Bunny_Workshop
Source [3]

Don’t be shy, go ahead, give it a few swings by Storyturn
Source [4]

Bun Caught Off Guard by Aozee
Source [5]

Nick Wilde by Podala
Source [6]

J.H. by Salvador_Zabrali
Source [7]

Nick is sleeping by Dyuiman
Source [8]

First day as a police officer by jochico
Source [9]

Jack Savage by AngelAndDevil
Source [10]

Zootopias newest Resident by cmdrcaos
Source [11]

Gloomy Zootopian Morning by ColonCapitalT
Source [12]

Gazelle by Warhamon
Source [13]

Hey cutie by Manual Artist search required!
Source [14]

Nick and Judy by Nrp_Nroppa
Source [15]

Zero Suit Juddy by Manual Artist search required!
Source [16]

Hot summer day by SlimorinkaOwO
Source [17]

Not just an Agent by RedGlimmer
Source [18]

Zistopia Finale by Zorbonaut
Source [19]

Make a Wish by fanartiguess
Source [20]

Nick by kkaneshi
Source [21]

ME Nikc Judy by AksisQo
Source [22]

Judy Hopps by ZombieThings
Source [23]

Judy by kkaneshi
Source [24]

Judy at the Beach by kkaneshi
Source [25]

Judy and Nick at the Beach by kkaneshi
Source [26]

How the Cookie Crumbles by KigToons
Source [27]