Merch: Nick Wilde Shopping Bag


This just in…the animals of Zootopia were spotted doing their part to help people cut down on their carbon footprint. Adopting more environmentally sustainable practices such as reusable shopping bags is certainly the right thing to do, but isn’t exactly something that you’d think would have any relation with Zootopia…until now that is!

Disney Japan has started producing new Zootopia themed reusable grocery bags featuring none other than Nick Wilde. Now you can do your part to help curb global warming and promote sustainable practices while still being able to show off your love of Zootopia! Be sure to check out the link to Shop Disney in the post below that tomiko+ was kind enough to provide if you’re looking for more details or want to grab one of these bags for yourself. Normally, I would think ordering a reusable bag from Japan would be a tad excessive, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with helping to improve the environment and looking good doing it!