News: Miss Bunz – Saying Goodbye

A very memorable lapine lady was introduced to us during the early days shortly after the release of our movie.

It is with, a heavy heart and drooping ears that we here at ZNN pay tribute to the memory of Miss Bunz, having passed away yesterday, April 29th, 2022. Many of us will never forget her rise to fame when the director of Zootopia, Byron Howard, tweeted her praises and the rest of the internet hailed her as the perfect real-life lookalike for Judy Hopps, and we couldn’t agree more.


Following a noble and heartbreaking battle with cancer, much of which having been shared with us here by her loving mother Nancy, she and her family chose to allow their veterinarian to help ease her journey onwards. Nancy allowed us to have a special look into Miss Bunz’s life for an equally special reason:  “Many people do not realize that rabbits are intelligent, social animals,” Nancy says. “Using Miss Bunz’s life and experiences, I hope to show that bunnies are wonderful companions.” 

We at ZNN extend our deepest condolences to Nancy and may your life be an inspiration to current and future rabbit caregivers, Miss Bunz! Hop free!

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