Story: The Burrows

[Rating T13][Family][Drama]

“Fresh air, fresh skies and… familiar faces? Carrying on with characters from past fics, Gabriel LaVedier gives a big serving of slice of life in this slow burn story. There’s lots of weddings planned between country and city mammals, and all the interactions and even hijinks that can come from that. For fans of the authors works and slow burn slice of life, this may well be worth a read. ~OH_Shoot”

Author: Gabriel LaVedier

Description :
“The Tri-Burrows. Bucolic paradise, located a quick express train ride from the bustling megalopolis of Zootopia. Lives move, slowly but surely, in the beautiful landscape of shady groves and vast farmlands. Bunnyburrow, Squirrelburrow, Predburrow. These are the places. And these are the stories of the colorful characters that fill them.”

The Burrows.

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