Art of the Day # 563 – Cops n’ Bad Guys

What If… by @magolobo
Source [1]
“♪ Bad guys, bad guys…
What’cha gonna do?
What’cha gonna do when they come for you? ♫”

Hello again everybody–and welcome to ZNN’s Art of the Day tribute to the US Premier of The Bad Guys.

The first Zootopia/Bad Guys crossover pics dropped literally on the same day that the TBG teaser-trailer hit the net–and they’ve been coming on ever since.  Next to a Zootopia sequel, this may be the most eagerly anticipated movie within the fandom.

It doesn’t hurt that The Bad Guys is already playing in a number of countries outside the US…and it’s been picking up rave reviews from both critics and audiences ever since it opened.  At least one of our ZNN staffers has already seen the film and they loved every minute of it.

So, put on your stocking masks, kill the alarms, and light up your cutting torches. We’re going in to score us some cool crossover fanart. Enjoy…and don’t forget to check your watch and wallet before Mr. Wolf is out of here. Oh, and also be sure to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some pics of those two kindred spirits, Nick Wilde and Mr. Wolf.

This is one of those pics we were talking about earlier; posted on the day of the first Bad Guys teaser trailer, all the way back on December 14.

They Would Be Bros by @CakeTriflez
Source [2]

They got it made in the shades.

Brothers by @KinotheF
Source [3]

Mind yer own business, Wuffie.

Today is Your Birthday by @Chibi_N92
Source [4]

Those fangs, those eyes…

Now Kiss by @SouthpauzArt
Source [5]

To quote Bugs Bunny, “Did you ever get the feeling that you was being watched?”

Hidden Camera by @jackknice
Source [6]

And as long as we’re on that subject…
“You watch my back…”

Side Set by @CollieAussie
Source [7]

…and I’ll watch yours.

Actually Soft by @Jujujuice34
Source [8]

You’re working undercover, right Nick?   You’re not really breaking bad…right?

Let’s do Crimes by @marblecubes
Source [9]

Say it ain’t SO, Nick!

Crimes by @TransformARTive
Source [10]

Here’s another crossover pic from way back in December.  The opinions expressed by Mr. Wolf are not necessarily those of the ZNN Staff.

But Hotter by @SerarelDeer
Source [11]

That’s actually been a thing in the Zootopia fanart community; Mr. Wolf getting the better of Nick, as illustrated by the series of pics below.

“Don’cha hate when he does that?”

NOW Who’s the Good Boy? by @Chibi_N92
Source [12]

Who’s the boss, fox?

You Can’t Stop Me by @Bloofstation
Source [13]

Mr. Wolf may think he’s got Nick p*wned–but he don’t know this sly fox vewy well, do he?

How it started…

Mr. Wolf Meets Nick by GGPonk
Source [14]

How it’s going…

NickWolf Selfie by @nicumkoro
Source [15]

And always remember, Wolfie…you ASKED for it.

What’s This? by @lambsauceowo
Source [16]

This is my favorite Nick Wilde/Mr. Wolf pic.  If you’ve read any of the reviews for The Bad Guys, you’ve likely seen the name ‘Tarantino’ get a mention or two.

Reservoir Canines by thatbluepony
Source [17]

Aww, look at them kiss and make up.

Stop Pitching Them Against Each Other by NullBatty
Source [18]

Another very popular theme with the Zootopia fanart crowd is putting Nick and Mr. Wolf together with Legoshi from Beastars.

The Infamous Trio by @cainomura
Source [19]

“You wanna mess with US?”

Three Weirdos by @delkaidraws
Source [20]

Awww, lighten up guys.
THAT’s better.

Those Guys by Flash_lioness
Source [21]

Don’t look now Legoshi…but I think you’re about to be hustled.

Two Wolves and a Fox by @giftheck
Source [22]

In the fine tradition of Larry, Moe, and Curly…

Qucik Group Pic by @x4ash
Source [23]

Now, let’s expand things and bring in a few more characters.

Crossover by @Carlota21316810
Source [24]

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Judy Hopps has been conspicuously absent from this collection.   Guilty as charged; this and the Featured Image were the only Zootopia/Bad Guys pics we were able to find that included her. 
And, while we’re at it, this is one only two crossover images we’ve seen with Diane Foxington in the mix.

Morning Angels by sneakingsuspicion
Source [25]

And here’s the other one.  (Ahhh where would the fandom be without Qalcove?)

Dreamworks Fox meets Disney Fox by @QalcoveArt
Source [26]

Movine right long, here’s a little rogues’ Gallery featuring Finnick and Sly Cooper along with Nick and the Bad Guys crew.  By ZNN staff member Anthony Hanssens.

Who Is Your Favorite? by @HanssensAnthony
Source [27]

Yep, there’s a Zootopia character in this pic; can you see him?

Wolf!! by @kiirono_16
Source [28]

And yes, there’s a The Bad Guys character in this one. (And also one from Odd Taxi.)

BadPack by FG2000
Source [29]

And Finally…

Sorry, Mister Wolf; your disguise is nice and all that–but Nick’s is…well, just SUPER!

One Up by @fever_artistry
Source [30]

Until next time…