Story: The Neverwere Moments 4: Helpful

[Rating T13][Mystery][Friendship]

What, you thought the story was over? So did they, but when ghosts from their past force their paw and take Gideon’s sister captive, all must rise to the challenge. To finally uncover what was hidden or disguised, to fight against the remnants of the puppet masters, and to organise a revolution in a far off land and liberate a species from their bonds. A boldly ambitious finale to this long running series, and one that will have you racing excitedly to the end as all the pieces finally fall in place. ~OH_Shoot

Author: 6wingdragon

Description :
“So… it all comes down to this, doesn’t it? And what a journey it’s been, such words unspoken and tales untold… That foxes are Trustworthy. That rabbits are Brave. And to each other, they are Loyal. This is Helpful; take heart in the final moments that never were.”

The Neverwere Moments: Helpful

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Additional Tags: “Big foxes, small foxes, never underestimate foxes. Llamas you’ll want ta harm-a!”