Story: We Managed Somehow

Art by NotNat64

[Rating T13][AU][Drama]

Tell me if this story sounds familiar: wide eyed optimistic bunny cop on her first day on duty follows a fox into an icecream store to find him trying to buy a jumbopop for his sons birthday. Only whoopsie, in this case it really is his son, and though they’ve had a turbulent past this fic has Nick and his adorable son Adam being quit simply adorable together, especially when a certain bunny starts getting more involved in their life. SapperJoe’s fic is full of sweetness and fluff and comes very well recommended. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Sapperjoe85

Description :
Judy is the the newest member of the ZPD. After being put on parking duty she takes it as a challenge to prove herself. A fateful run in with a certain fox and his son puts them on each others radar as they go through life. Enevitably bumping into one another time and time again.

We Managed Somehow
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