Story: The Snap

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[Rating T13][Adventure][Fantasy]

It wasn’t just earth that was hit by the snap. It wasn’t just the humans either. A brutally heart wrenching take on what happens if the snap from infinity war hits Zootopia. This one hits you hard guys, and is perfect for those that like that. ~OH_Shoot

Author: BonesBoy15

Description :
“AU. This isn’t real. This can’t be happening. Mammals don’t just turn to
dust. A fleeing pair of timberwolves dissolved before they could round the
corner. A giraffe was trying to get out of his car, but vanished as the
door opened. A frightened bear cub vanished from its mother’s arms. One
snap, trillions dead. Zootopia among them. Reader discretion advised.”

The Snap
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Additional Tags: Reality is what you want it to be. You can rewrite canon with the fanfic stone.

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