Art of the Day #556: Happy Valentine’s Day – 2022

S1M’s Valentine’s Treat by S1M, Animation by Patient_Zaero
Source [1]

Hello everybody and Happy Valentine’s Day.

To honor the occasion, we’re posting this week’s Art of the Day collection on Monday, the 14th rather than Thursday.

Our annual Valentine’s gallery is one of the easiest, and paradoxically on of the hardest collections to put together. Finding WildeHopps artwork is a snap; it’s probably the single most common subject in the Zootopia fanart community.  When you go looking for romantic artwork of the supporting cast however, you need to do some digging.  Ditto for any Zootopia crossover artwork in a Valentine vein.

But enough of that folks; it’s Valentine’s Day…so grab your candy and flowers and get your best look on. You’ve got a romantic date coming up with Nick and Judy and the rest of the Zootopia gang. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Cue the music:

We open with a series of sketches and line-art, showing our favorite fox and bunny in a romantic mood.

Bunny Noogie by maru
Source [2]

Nuzzling Nick by maru
Source [3]

Never Let U Go by maru
Source [4]

Feel Better Now? by @PeanutK4
Source [5]

Valentine for Nick by maru
Source [6]

Slow Noir by Ziegelzeig
Source [7]

Now, lets add a little color.

The real fireworks come later.

Happy New Year Wildehopps by @Asigart
Source [8]

And into the full-color WildeHopps artwork.

Ahhhh, young love…sort of.

Hug Attack by Humphrey2520
Source [9]

When you think about it, there were actually three distinct phases to Nick and Judy’s relationship in the movie.  In phase one, she was police officer and he was a civilian–a street hustler to be precise.  That first phase ended when Nick walked out on her in the wake of that disastrous press conference.

This picture is soooo true.  I once sat in on an artists’ session where the topic of discussion was how to draw Nick and Judy kissing without making it look awkward. Everyone agreed that it was a tough thing to pull off, given their incongruent facial features.

ZOO – WildeHopps by kitsune-kazeno
Source [10]

Admit it Nick, you love it when she does that.

Flying Bunny-Tackle by @goma_lee
Source [11]

I-I-I don’t think he’s going to be in any particular hurry to get those cuffs off, Jude.

Judy and Nick Cuffed by TheLivingShadow
Source [12]

We see the way you’re looking at her, fox.

Easter Wildehopps by @ruhou_shio
Source [13]

Everybody wants one.

WildeHopps Plushie by Tech2772
Source [14]

…And she’s not letting go of you, either.

Ties That Bind by @monmokamoko
Source [15]

The second phase of Nick and Judy’s relation took place when our favorite bunny returned to Zootopia after quitting the force–hoping to somehow patch things up with Nick and fix the situation she’d created.  As we all know, she succeeded on both fronts.

Wildehopps Nuzzle by Amalika
Source [16]

Heart 2 Heart by @_mokara
Source [17]

And in the final phase of their relationship, Nick joined the ZPD and became Judy’s partner.

“Yes…yes, I do.”

I’ve Got Your Back by ちゃーこ
Source [18]

What do you think, did he pull the old raise-your-arm-and-yawn-trick?

Coffee Break by Dolphiana
Source [19]

Let’s hear it for the fox!

Yay! by @_mochicco_
Source [20]

And from there….well, who knows where their relationship may go from here?

Sharing a little quality time.

J and N by iztli
Source [21]

Sharing a bench.

Sharing a Bench by maru
Source [22]

Sharing a snuggle.

Cozy1 by RelaxableFur
Source [23]

Nick and Judy, ready to go steppin’ out in style.

I Won’t Let You Go by @dogear218
Source [24]

“Just hold me.”

The Eyes Have It by maru
Source [25]

“Hold me and never let me go.”

Nick and Judy Hug by Mistress-Kagura
Source [26]

“♪ Coz when we kiss….FIIIIIIRE! ♫”

A Cozy WildeHopps Kiss by @TonakumaArt
Source [27]

“Fancy meeting you here.”

Come Here Often? by @RaspberriesWH
Source [28]

Even when Nick’s not around, he’s still in Judy’s heart.

Thinking of Nick by maru
Source [29]

And now, let’s get into some Valentine’s artwork featuring some of the other members of the Zootopia gang

We begin with a couple of pics featuring Zootopia’s other fox-and-bunny couple

Untitled Jack and Skye by Humphrey2520
Source [30]

Oh, quit being such a grump, Jack.

Jaxka by @_mochicco_
Source [31]

And here’s a couple of cute pieces featuring Mr. and Mrs. Otterton.

Tearful Reunion by Neverjay
Source [32]

Zootopia Sketch – 03 by GuephRen
Source [33]

Honestly…you’d think there’d be a few more Finnick/Fenneko pics out there.  These two are such a natural pair.

Fenneko X Finnick WIP by Ardi127
Source [34]

Here’s a couple of pics featuring one of the fandom’s more popular romantic memes, Gideon Grey and Sharla

How it started:

Making Amends by @QalcoveArt
Source [35]

How it’s going:

Sharleon Under The Stars by djanthony9000
Source [36]

It began with that Dancin’ with the Stars pic from the Zootopia+ teaser-poster.  And now artists all over the place are shipping Clawhauser and Chief Bogo.

C and B’s Donut Shop is now Open! by TheFuzzyHusky
Source [37]

And on the subject of dancing, here’s Fabienne Growley, hitting the floor with her beau.  This one was also in our most recent Let’s Dance collection.

Dance! by Sunny_Way
Source [38]

This relationship, of course, is where Judy came from.

Waterworks by 瓜
Source [39]

And finally…
Oh dear; looks like Judy has a rival for Nick’s affection…

But come on, doesn’t he look just super?

Distracted Fox by Kotyami
Source [40]

Until next time…have yourselves a fantastic Valentine’s Day.


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