Story (collection): For Everyone

Art by Zelionka

[Rating T13][Slice of Life][Fic series]

Not a fic this time, but a connected series. A smorgasbord of characters borrowed and new, living their life in or emmigrating to the city where anyone can be anything. And they want to be? People, living life, pure and simple and glorious. With tons of imagination, variety and emotions you won’t see coming, and fantastically fun crossovers to check out, this fic collection is very much for everyone. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Maxojir

Description :
“Pieces of the lives of many different characters across the world of Zootopia, from the mundane daily, to the emotional, to the realistically extra ordinary. Some may be more immediately connected to each other than others, but they’re all ultimately connected by being part of the same world.

Contains many “”imported”” characters from other films/shows. They may act/seem a bit different, as they were born in and have lived their lives in the zootopian world, so their life experiences haven’t been the exact same as in their works of origin.”

For Everyone

Additional Tags: Welcome to the urban jungle! Life is drama with the fluffy bits added in.

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