Comic: A Bunnyburrow Werewolf (By Nauyaco)




We all have those bad days, the ones where we can’t help but feel like there’s a darkness lurking within, something that might just take over if we’re not careful. Said darkness might differ from one person to the next, but at least for most of us, it doesn’t involve turning into a literal monster. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for one Judith Laverne Hopps after a chance encounter leaves her with a rather nasty case of lycanthropy in Nauyaco’s A Bunny Werewolf in Zootopia.

Will Judy be able to resist the beast within? Or is this bunny doomed to go savage? Currently, there are 5 issues, the latter of which have some pretty mature themes so be aware. Feel free to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think of it.

See the comic here

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