Story: Blindsided

Art by Relaxable


[Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Drama]

It may have been dreamed up as an alternative version of Borba’s (in)famous comic, but the similarities end there. Judy’s pregnant, and the story takes a turn for the lighter compared to its source material. Two chapters in, and we’ve had arguments become catharsis, met a delightful red panda OBGYN, and told some very surprised parents and Bogo about the impending pregnancy. It’s sweet to the point of toothache, while painting a good picture of a happy and healthy relationship between our favorite bunny and fox. Highly recommended for fluff-addicts. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Panoctu

Description :
What’s usually a cause for many mammals to celebrate leaves Judy distressed and full of doubts. How will her mate react to her ‘good news? And how to her bad news? Is there a way to for them to brave this storm together? (I know some of you will think this is going to be a certain kind of story, but I’d like to ask you to read the A/N first and give it a chance afterward. Thanks)

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