New Zootopia+ Details Shown off at Disney Plus Day


What’s up, everyone? The Disney+ Day announcements have just hit and there’s quite a lot to unpack from the House of Mouse. So many trailers and news to sift through, and while Zootopia+ didn’t get a trailer, they did release a promotional poster with a treasure trove of info about what to expect.

Between Bonnie dragging Stu on an adventure (so that’s where Judy gets her moxie from), Flash and Priscilla going on a date (hate to be that otter right now), Clawhauser and Bogo’s dancing (I think the Chief’s having more fun than he’s letting on), and all the other hijinks being shown off, it looks like there will be a ton of new and exciting stories to experience as we dive back into this magnificent world. Heck, even Nick and Judy have shown up, so who knows, maybe we’ll get an appearance from them in the show? I’ll be sure to keep my fingers crossed.

Check out the announcement in the post below or over on Twitter. The show’s still scheduled for 2022 and I will be waiting for it with bated breath. Until then though, we at ZNN will be sure to keep you posted.


    • This is what is currently in production, and if they’re still running with it a sequel is more than a possibility at some point.

    • ALL we know is a series is coming out.

      I highly suspect this is a “prep for a movie” or a probe to guage interest.

    • I suspect Zootopia+ is both a “hey look at our property again!” Plus a “Let’s see how viewers react to more Zootopia material.” To gauge interest.

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