The Zootopia Meditations – A Reflective Musing by lynxthoughts


Namaste, readers. Let us bask at the moment, imagine a serine landscape beset by the tidings of falling leaves and still water. No ripples wash over its surface as you stare into the water and your reflection peers back at you. Your eyes tell a story, one you have already lived for the day. Search deep within that message for inner meaning, one that can only be reached through further examination of oneself.

Such reflections are the tidings of one’s true love. But how do you think these sorts of concepts could apply to Zootopia? What insights could you come up with? Well, a Tumblr blog by lynxthoughts puts forth some rather intriguing observations into many of the film’s themes. From choice and freedom to bias and prejudice, there are a number of topics he touches on. It’s definitely worth a read if you haven’t checked it out. Who knows? You might just learn how to look at Zootopia in a new light.

Find the blog at the link here.

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  1. Everything that lynxthoughts says in this blog is so true. Reading these words it felt like reliving the movie all over again, but with a much further understanding of the story.

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