Art of the Day #539: The Colors of Autumn + Halloween 2021

Calendar Drawing by @link6432
Source [1]

And hello once again, Zootopia aficionados.   

Well, there wasn’t enough Fall themed artwork posted this year to make up a full Autumn collection; ditto for Halloween ’21. 

And so, being as the two are not unrelated, we decided to combine them in a single gallery.

Our Featured Image for today embodies both themes perfectly, don’t you think? Here we have a lovely Autumn pic from the 2021 WildeHopps Community Calendar–that’s also a nightmare for Nick Wilde.  Ahhh, poor guy; just goes to show the best laid plans of foxes and bunnies go South just a wee bit more often than they should.

And now, on to the artwork. Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Autumn Judy by OliRa
Source [2]

Here’s a couple of Fall Pics from the recently returned ASKalin.

Golden Autumn by @askalin097
Source [3]

Auntumn Leaves by @askalin097
Source [4]

Ahhh, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee on a crisp Fall morning.

Autumn Forest by Hyilpi
Source [5]

Another Autumn pic with spooky vibe.  It’s those eyes!

Lovely Leaves by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [6]

Autumn, of course, is also harvest time.

These Grapes Ain’t Sour by @motsuko8
Source [7]

Here’s one featuring Travis and Gideon Grey.  Need to get yourselves some chocolate and some graham crackers, boys.

Cozy Autumn Camping With The Boys by @4pcsS
Source [8]

 A couple of Autumn pics featuring Skye

Windy Walk by bubblecop
Source [9]

With her niece, Cleo.

Autumn Scarf Cuddling by Rkiay
Source [10]
And now, here comes the Halloween fanart.

Nick and Judy on Halloween by Hacatiko
Source [1]

Those outfits are just awesomeness.

Happy Halloween of Zootopia by @ThankU89121860
Source [2]

Now THIS is what we call a Halloween party!

Mad Halloween party by @penpen_disney
Source [3]

How many of these Disney Foxes can you identify?

Halloween Foxes by @uochandayo
Source [4]

LOL!  Lil’ blackmailer!

Spooky Halloween by @AnyaSelles
Source [5]

Ya gotta love those wicked smiles.

Happy Halloween! by @QalcoveArt
Source [6]

Looks like someone’s been watching The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween Christmas by bax590
Source [7]

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a vampire or two.

Happy Halloween! by @SummerBun2112
Source [8]

Happy Halloween 2020! by Tech2772
Source [9]

The pic below was the Featured Image in last year’s Halloween collection.

Pumpkins by TheNightManager
Source [10]

This year, someone carved a real one.

Nick O’ Lantern by @CastOfC13
Source [11]

And finally….
I-I-I wouldn’t do that if I were you…

D22 Ghost by florenze
Source [12]

Until next time…