Art of the Day #534

A Date by S1M and DantesLunte
Source [1]

And hello once again, fellow fans of Zootopia.

It’s not often that we get to see a collaborative piece by two of our favorite fan-artists…but that’s what we have lined up for this week’s Featured Image. 

And the result is nothing short of sublime.

This pic is actually two separate pieces of artwork fused together. The image in the foreground–Nick and Judy, sharing a table together–is the work of S1M, a long-time favorite of ours and a genius at character studies.  Meanwhile the cityscape outside their window was created by a comparative newcomer to the Zootopia fanart community; Dantes Lunte, an absolute wizard when it comes to world-building.

And that’s only a foretaste of the artwork to come, folks–as you’ll soon discover for yourself when you scroll down.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Smile〜 by @bumble_tmnt
Source [2]

Smile〜 by @bumble_tmnt
Source [3]

Dry Your Tears by @123_monooki
Source [4]

Dry Your Tears 2 by @123_monooki
Source [5]

Flat Nick by @Disney_Kogaki
Source [6]

SUMMER by @mochicco_ZPD
Source [7]

10 Minutes by @_00do
Source [8]

Judy by YasUl0
Source [9]

Judy Hopps by Morfiy
Source [10]

I am the law! by bubblecop
Source [11]

When he’s away by Mr.BIGDON1992
Source [12]

Carrots & Dumb Fox by R_koArt
Source [13]

Bun by Miles-DF
Source [14]

Weaselton :p by Raccoon24
Source [15]

Judy and Nick by VerfluchterMeister
Source [16]

Last moment of silence by SlazakGrzesiek
Source [17]

Judy Savage by kurazhek
Source [18]

Judy Hopps by Taneysha
Source [19]

Gazelle by Sunny_Way
Source [20]

Can I have an autograph? by elzataerinn
Source [21]

Growley Sisters – Coffee Break by DeannART
Source [22]

Gyotaku Nick by 日課
Source [23]

Romantic Date by Nemonutkin
Source [24]