Story: Zootopia: At the Beginning

Art by madkanatan

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Fluff]

This one’s for the WildeHopps addicts. This one’s for those who want Nick to be the Ubervulpi-ist of Ubervulpines and the most dapper of lovers. This one’s for those who want Judy to be the head-over-heels-iest (is that even a real word?) for her fox. If you’re looking for your fix of all of that, then this my dear friends is your overdose, no question. ~OH_Shoot

Author: WingedKatt

Description :
This story explores Nick and Judy’s evolving relationship after the crazy adventure they somehow survived. There’s a lot of fluff, drama, and eventual action as our favorite duo discover how much better life is when you no longer have to face it alone. The story takes place between Bellwether’s arrest and Nick’s ZPA graduation, along with the adventures Nick and Judy have in the meantime.

Zootopia: At the Beginning
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Additional Tags: They WildeHopps… They WildeHopps… They just do the WildeHopps.