Special Art of the Day: Valentine’s Day, 2021

Face 2 Face by @Momobeda
Source [1]
Hello again, everybody. 
Happy Valentine’s Day!
It’s gonna be a bumpy one this year, folks. Thanks to a certain pandemic, we’re all having to keep our distance, and keep our masks on.
Luckily for Nick and Judy, being as they’re different species, (and from a different universe than ours,) they don’t have that problem–as you’ll see for yourself below when ZNN proudly presents our annual St. Valentine’s Day Fanart Collection.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.
Take it away, George:

There are many ways to show your feelings for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.  For instance, you can bring flowers, and….and…
Geez, get with the program, willya fox?   

Quit Stalling by @Bug533
Source [2]
There, that’s more like it.

zootopia+ by @noko_ume_
Source [3]
Or…if flowers don’t strike your fancy, there’s always candy.  (Hmmm, looks like Judy beat Nick to the draw here.)

For You! by Qalcove
Source [4]
So many ways to celebrate the holiday; you can hook up in a magical place that’s special to you both…

Wildehopps week Day 4: Dating by soranoiro
Source [5]
…or take a boat-ride together…

WildeHopps Calender 2021 by RaspberriesWH
Source [6]
…or take a selfie together.

Streetlife. by @8C88C8888CC
Source [7]
Or…you can just hang out and snuggle.

Layover by @CoolThino01
Source [8]

Relaxing in Bunnyburrow by UkonVsara
Source [9]

With You by @_00do
Source [10]
Showing your feelings for that special someone can be a simple as having a snack together.

Coffee n’ Cookies by @ys_kzoo
Source [11]
…especially if you let your partner have the best piece.

And Close Your Eyes by @monmokamoko
Source [12]
And then, there’s the old standby of enjoying a movie together.
All right Nick, fess up;  you pulled the old yawn-and-stretch shtick just now, didn’tcha?

Movie Cuddle by @mepo_disney
Source [13]
Someone once wiser than I once told me, “You know you have real feelings for someone when you can get silly together once in a while.”

Cut it out by @madkanatan
Source [14]

zootopia_by_dasketcherz-d9skwk7 by DAsKeTcHeRZ
Source [15]

EXMqP-zUEAAnSHT by @monmokamoko
Source [16]

Earhug by @B_BudArt
Source [17]
Well, since you’re already halfway to hugging him Judy, you might as well just go with it.

Best Ship since 2016 by bubblecop
Source [18]
…and that, of course leads us to…

Secrets by @atlantica0208
Source [19]
…the ever-popular flying hug.

If You Are by @k_natsuichigoo
Source [20]
And THAT leads us to…  Hey Nick, are you gonna kiss her, or what?

Zootopia Fanart – 143 by gatjensb
Source [21]
That’s not a kiss; try again!

Boop by joaoppereiraus
Source [22]
There, now you’ve got it. 
And that takes us into a gallery of WildeHopps smooch-pics.

YCH Kiss by Maluva
Source [23]

Smooch by @ss1msy
Source [24]

Wildehopps old draw-2016 ❤ by @SummerBun2112
Source [25]

You Know U love me by speakfriendaandenter
Source [26]
When you really, truly, deeply care for someone…you’re willing to share their pain.

WildeHopps 1 by Gio-el
Source [27]

I (Heart) You by archiveofzootopia
Source [28]
Love can be an awkward thing sometimes…

Unknown by @CakeTriflez
Source [29]
…really awkward…

Is Now A Good Time by @QalcoveArt
Source [30]
…seriously awkward…

Judy Daydreams by OceRydia
Source [31]
…but it always comes through in the end.

Once in a Lifetime by @QalcoveArt
Source [32]
And finally…
It’s no use, Nick; you can run, but you can’t hide.

Judy Cupid by BLAMOND
Source [33]
Until next time…we leave you with this musical thought.
Take us home, Gazelle.


  1. #31
    “What’cha thinking, Carrots?”
    “That you would be a great father, Slick…”
    “Aw, thanks sweet… wait, what?!”

  2. Ah yes, adrift on the sea of love on the good ship WildeHopps–that actually should be a tanker full of insulin.

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