Story: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Art by MamaSally

[Rating T13][Friendship][Angst][Hurt/Comfort][Fluff]

Finnick: a mammal of mystery, a mammal on hard luck, a mammal in need of a friend. And in this gentle and slow-burning fic, the self-described queen of angst leads you through his personal trials and tribulations as a certain bunny who doesn’t know when to quit decides to help him get his life back on track. With tons of emotions and a stellar ensemble cast to add flavour, this character study of a tiny yet tough fennec fox is guaranteed to warm even the smallest of hearts. ~OH_Shoot

Author: MamaSally

Description :
Taking place after the press conference, Finnick helps Nick get back on his feet and reunite with Judy. As the three grow close, they help give him a purpose in life, a family, and maybe even a second chance at love. But, as things tend to be, not everything will go as smoothly as they may have hoped.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Additional Tags: Angst lies bleeding, Bunnyburrow rocks, fennecman!