Merch: New Zootopia Merch at Shanghai Disney


It might not be Halloween, or close to it, anymore but there is no time like today for some scary good merchandise. There are a few new finds such as the one above featuring a lovely plush of Judy and Nick both hugging a carrot.

For something a bit more fiendish in design, go on and check this one out of Finnick and Judy in costume!

According to sources, these are both available to buy at the Shanghai Disney Resort. Unfortunately, Shanghai Disney will not be selling them online at the present time. Should these cute finds become available elsewhere, do you think you’ll be giving them a buy? Sound off and let us know below.

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  1. Man, Shanghai, Disneyland is really all out for Wildehopps merchandise. Along with the little pin of Judy hugging a carrot pillow while daydreaming of Nick, I’d be really shocked if Wildehopps wasn’t canon.

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