Art of the Day #510: Welcome New Year, 2021

New Year Hug by @okisidol
Source [1]

Dangit Benjamin, get with the program, willya? It’s Ring in the New Year, Ring in the New Year, not WRING in the New Year!

Hello again, everybody…and Happy 2021! Is it our imagination, or did this one seem to take forever to get here? In any event, there’s been a surge of Auld Lang Syne-themed Zootopia posted to the web of late. And going through the archives, we discovered a great many Happy New Year pics that have yet to be gathered together in an appropriate collection.
And so, here they are. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with a series showing Nick and Judy celebrating the New Year together.
This one’s actually more of a Christmas pic…but since it wasn’t posted to the net until after Yuletide, we decided to include it here.

NY2021 by JudyHopps44
Source [2]

Happy New Year 2021 Doodle by JudyHopps44
Source [3]
As the old year passes, Nick and Judy look towards the future with hope and trepidation. 

Dawn of a New year by @nklove3104
Source [4]

Happy New Year by @Asigart
Source [5]
Okay, that’s not Judy…but close enough; here’s their son, celebrating the New Year with their little girl.

Happy New Year kids by BlueDragon1993
Source [6]
Take it easy with that champagne, Judy.  

Happy New Year Zootopia! by @ocerydia
Source [7]
Little ventriloquist act going on here?

Request – Happy New Year From Nick and Judy by yavhan
Source [8]
New Year’s Greetings.

New Year’s Greeting Card by @moromorowephi
Source [9]
Poor Nick…he just can’t catch a break this year;  first it was Clawhauser, now it’s Bogo.

A Bully New Year by @nklove3104
Source [10]
Though it hasn’t been as popular this time around, one of the most venerable New Year’s Traditions is to go steppin’ out one year…and return home the next.

Happy New Year! by @puki_0710
Source [11]

Happy New Year 2020!!! by TechECoyote98
Source [12]

Happy New Year From Savannah Central by Qalcove
Source [13]
And that brings us to another New Years’ tradition, one we we saw a LOT of this year–fireworks!

Zootopia New Years by kentcj
Source [14]

Happy new year Zootopia Drawpile Collab by HakuPeony
Source [15]

New Year Fireworks by Just a Signature
Source [16]

Source [17]
You want fireworks?  Will give you FIREWORKS!

New year’s Kiss by Ziegelzeig
Source [18]
Next up, a series of images showing our favorite fox and bunny celebrating the New Year in Japanese fashion.
Bogo looks good in a kimono, dontcha think?  (Of course, so do Nick and Judy.)

Happy New Year, 2021 by @takatmaorange
Source [19]

A Happy New Year by @sakura_i6
Source [20]

Happy New Year2 by ZIGROCK!!
Source [21]

Another Happy New year by ukulm52
Source [22]
A little crossover, featuring two of the mice from Disney’s Cinderella

Happy new year🎉!! by @motsuko8
Source [23]

Judy Chan Kimono by @monmokamoko
Source [24]
We wrap things up with a series of pics dedicated to the celebrations of New Year’s past.  

2020 New Year by AAR0NJAY
Source [25]

Happy New Year, 2019 by Jolyn0710
Source [26]

Happy New Year by yelnatsdraws
Source [27]

Happy New Year 2017 by @madkanatan
Source [28]
And Finally…

Foxy New Year! by @uochandayo
Source [29]
Until next time…we wish you all a Foxy New Year!

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  1. On source 6, I don’t think that’s Nick either; he doesn’t have purple eyes or a white tail tip. Perhaps both are their kids, the fox is an older brother?

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