Art of the Day #503

Zootopia – BNA by Shadeink
Source [1]
Hey…are you…ready to try everything?
Hello again, everybody. Our featured image for today is the best Zootopia X Brand-New-Animal crossover we’ve seen in quite some time
Hmmm, I don’t know about Nick and Shirou–I think our favorite fox is closer to Marie Itami myself–but there’s a lot of Judy Hopps in Michiru Kagemori, and vice versa. Both these girls are never-say-die optimists who sometimes get knocked down–but never get knocked out.
And that’s just our featured pic; there’s plenty of other great Zootopia fanart waiting for you in today’s random collection. We’ve got Nick Wilde as a motorcycle cop, Judy in country-gal mode, the two of them tagging off as professional wrestlers, and many more great pics. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Judy and Nick – Tag Team by BroDogz
Source [2]

Judy Hopps by Joakaha
Source [3]

Nick Wilde by @F0XnR0LL
Source [4]

Nick Wilde by @F0XnR0LL
Source [5]

Sketch Dump by @Arzmx_Art
Source [6]

Sketch Dump by @Arzmx_Art
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Sketch Dump by @Arzmx_Art
Source [8]

Sketch Dump by @Arzmx_Art
Source [9]

Nick Wilde by Tikki-Hiko
Source [10]

Judy Hoops by Tikki-Hiko
Source [11]

Foxes (Nick vs Robin) by Tra1ltracker
Source [12]

Christian and Nick by ChristianEmecom
Source [13]

Famous by Shiro-chan.Riyuuka
Source [14]

Leonzalez Zootopia by ThomasLeon
Source [15]

Judy Hopps by Mythruna
Source [16]

Sleep of the Righteous by KayaStoneford
Source [17]

Phantasy by scriabin
Source [18]

Autumn by OliRa
Source [19]

Nick Wilde by Lepricon
Source [20]

Nick Studies by nikoyishi
Source [21]

After a long day at work by Ukon_vasara
Source [22]

Mayor Swinton by Yoshiknight2
Source [23]

Judy Hopps by AshBlueFlames
Source [24]

Judy n Nick – Ringside Rout by BroDogz
Source [25]

Police Report by ablebodiedcitizen
Source [26]

Relaxing in Bunnyburrow by Ukon_vasara
Source [27]