Oh Look, We Totally Missed this Other Zootopia Easter Egg in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’


Wow, Rich Moore and Phil Johnston really seem to love working Zootopia references into their work, just makes it all the more exciting to search for them! We’ve reported in the past about the various Easter eggs and cameos that they’ve managed to sneak into their most recent film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Among the cameos were JudyNick, Gazelle, even Larry & Garry managed to show up. Well, turns out there are even more secrets to be found for the keen eyed, like this callback to a certain mug belonging to Zootopia’s Assistant Mayor.

Yup, during the office scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet, you can see a mug almost exactly like the kind Bellwether had in her office. Guess Lionheart and that accountant’s kid both buy their mugs from the same store, in which case, they really need to do a better job of keeping their stuff stocked.

Props to Animated Antic over on Twitter for finding this nice little gem.