Another Short Zootopia Cameo in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’!

“Larry & Gary”
by: ritwell

The community has gone over-the-walls crazy about the Nick Wilde cameo in next month’s Ralph Breaks the Internet, but that isn’t the only thing we’re getting!

October 29 was considered Internet Day, and Disney decided to give us many different tips on “breaking” the internet, each with a little animation clip of something that usually goes viral on the net. If you keep scrolling down on the Twitter thread, you’ll see a little cameo of Zootopia appear!

The clip itself shows a dog (which looks a lot like Bolt!) howling along with Gary and Larry from Zootopia from a TV. Sound familiar? The clip actually came from the viral YouTube video ‘German shepherd howling with wolves from Zootopia’.

Take a look at both the clip and the video right after the break! (It’s Tip #14!)