Art of the Day #467: The Gif That Keeps On Gif-ing

Zoot Surprise by Bernie-buddy
Source [1]

Oh, quit looking so bummed-out, Nick.  If you’re not okay with this, we know plenty of other foxes who’d LOVE to find a cute bunny in their kitchen cupboard.

Greetings all. As you may have guessed from our featured image, this week’s Art of the Day collection is a lively one–literally! Today, we present an assortment of Zootopia Fanart pics in animated gif format.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some animated pics of our #1 favorite bunny-cop.

First up, a 10-second tutorial in how to draw Judy Hopps.

Drawing Judy by likime
Source [2]

Wake up bunny, and keep your eyes on the road.

Nothing…. by DensLife
Source [3]

Can’t really blame her though; parking duty is just sooo boring.

Judy Hopps Gif by Rattatus78
Source [4]

The ever-popular Ip Mammal martial arts challenge.

Matrix Judy by yelnatsdraws
Source [5]

Run, Judy, run; the fox is getting away

Run Gif by Happy-Dino
Source [6]

Little shaky-cam effect on this one

2016 Epliogue by Mr-Shin
Source [7]

What’d he say, Judy?

Le Flustered Bun by sprinkah
Source [8]

Now let’s move on to some animated images of Nick Wilde.

Little Nick with his favorite childhood companion.
(…And a stuffed raccoon-toy.)

Litle Nick Saturday by tggeko
Source [9]

Get down, lil’ fox!

Nick’s Holiday Dance by AAR0NJAY
Source [10]

There are flash animations…and then there are flashBACK animations.

Nick, Zoo(dis)topia, ANIMATED by 8-bitpunch
Source [11]

“Say…WHAT, Carrots?”

2 Hour Quickmation by Leto
Source [12]

Jammin’ with the other Disney foxes.

4 Foxes by k-eke
Source [13]

We’ve all had days like this.

TV by Happy-Dino
Source [14]

Parking-ticket factory.

Violation Ticket by ahiru621
Source [15]

And now, a bit of culture; would you believe he never had a lesson in his life?  (Don’t answer that!)

Nick Playing the Cello by StarvedFox
Source [16]

Next up, some animated Gifs of Nick and Judy together.

Cherry blossom, time.

Cherry Blossom by weketa
Source [17]

My favorite piece in today’s collection; I always wanted to see Nick perform the Famous Fox-Pounce.

Got ya! by molinatwins
Source [18]

 ♪”Sitting in a greenhouse, painted green.” ♪

🌵 Greenhouse 🌵 by lemon-blossoms01
Source [19]

A little variation on the ‘Spaghetti Strand’ scene from Lady and the Tramp.

FoxyPocky by 足首
Source [20]

She just can’t keep her eyes off it.

Fox Tail by @DaVidci_CodeX
Source [21]

This one looks almost like a travel poster

Trainride by omarururu
Source [22]

The title of this pic pretty much says it all.

Nice Catch by ahiru621
Source [23]

This would have been the cover of last year’s Star Wars crossover collection–except that it was posted to the web after The Rise of WildeHopper was already up.

A Zootopia Star Wars Crossover by florenze
Source [24]

We wrap things up with some animated gifs, featuring a few of the other Zootopia gang.

When it comes to busting a dance move, little Nick has nothing on young Gideon Grey

Gideon Grey Dance by TUWKA
Source [25]

YaxGif by David Soto by David Soto
Source [26]

Pop goes the vixen.

HappySkye by @foxefuel
Source [27]

3d Skye Sculpture by Mike Smolka
Source [28]

“Lemme at him…lemme at him!”

Bite Yo Face Off by seasaltlime
Source [29]

And finally…

Don’t ask; just…DON’T ask.

Hawaiian War Chant by ask-thezpd
Source [30]

Until Next Time….