Art of the Day # 462

Annoyed Nick by @DantesLunte
Source [1]

“Blankety-Blank Big Chief Buffalo Butt; can’t the guy take a JOKE?”

Our featured (and opening) images for today are by Dante, a relative newcomer to the Zootopia Fanart Community.

But whoa, what a way to make an entrance! The amount of detail in our featured pic is beyond stunning; it’s one of those pieces where you spot something new every time you look at it.  (We won’t spoil things by pointing any of them out.) 

That second pic ain’t none too shabby either, one of the most adorable images of Little Nick we’ve ever seen seen.

But wait; we have plenty of other great Zootopia Fanart where that came from. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Tiny Nick by @DantesLunte
Source [2]

Nick Licks by @DantesLunte
Source [3]

Judy Licks Back by @DantesLunte
Source [4]

Judy & Nick by acmltrp
Source [5]

Time for Adventure! by Rosaegold
Source [6]

Officers by IAmTheGreatMC
Source [7]

Judy’s Expressions by roseagold
Source [8]

When Nick wants the Judy by Voluxpto
Source [9]

One day after a fight by Voluxpto
Source [10]

Second and Last day…? by Voluxpto
Source [11]

Tried Painting With A Smartphone by @mcgl618
Source [12]

Who’s Next? by borba
Source [13]

Zoo Kiss by JayLee2014
Source [14]

You have to earn it! by 12-9
Source [15]

Gazelle by Borotamago
Source [16]

A Video Game Crossover by tangerinedragon
Source [17]

In the Club by tangerinedragon
Source [18]

Zootopia by PurtumDaemonium
Source [19]

A lifetime of teasing by Tush
Source [20]

Stress by RelaxableFur
Source [21]

Judy Portrait by AVeryFondOreo
Source [22]

Dresses! by nivarra
Source [23]

Costume Swap by Strebiskunk
Source [24]

Jack/Judy/Nick/Skye by S1M
Source [25]

Happy Birthday by @guroru_shark
Source [26]

Firebender Nick by @afruitvegetable
Source [27]

Earthbender Judy by @afruitvegetable
Source [28]

Judy Hopps the fox hunter by @carnivaljody
Source [29]

Hot Day by @okura_0426_
Source [30]

Super Boop by @strawberry628
Source [31]

Shall We Dance? by @soumeisakurai
Source [32]

By A Nose by @strawberry628
Source [33]

Nick and Judy staring at each other by @evelynapup
Source [34]

Zistopia Nick and Judy by @evelynapup
Source [35]


  1. #21: I don’t often see Nicks mom done well, but wow did RelaxableFur get it closer than I’ve ever seen.
    -ya know, in my head-

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