Story: The Sound Designer

Art by LionKingAlex

[Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Police Procedural]

Bunnies can hear lots of things, especially when they record sounds for a living. When a sound designer at a local TV studio accidentally records a break-in at a local pet shop, he soon ends up helping out the ZPD with its own investigation into a smuggling ring. With insights into both professions and some interesting drama to boot, this is certainly a fic worth giving a go. ~J_Shute

Author: LionKingAlex

Description :
A downtrodden, underpaid sound designer finds himself the only witness of a very peculiar crime – and the experience that comes after is bound to change the way he sees the world, forever.

The Sound Designer
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Additional Tags: There will be DINOSAURS, Rated ‘Jimmy we wuv U’/10 by the arctic fox masseuses.


  1. About time this got a feature. 🙂 Here’s to another creative and well-thought-out story.

  2. Love the cover art. Glad to see this “hitting the presses.” Well done Alex.

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