Art of the Day #451: Say ‘Hello’ To My Little Toot-Toot

A World of paign by kamui
Source [1]

Okay, Your Honor….look, we know politicians like to kiss babies, but wouldn’t you prefer to keep your face intact?

Hello again everyone and welcome to this week’s Art of the Day collection–this time dedicated to Finnick, doing his baby-elephant act.

This was actually one of the few ideas from the ‘shock-collar’ version of Zootopia that made it into the final cut, albeit with some serious changes; (Finnick originally wore a diaper rather than ‘elephant sleepers’.)

And now, take it away, Little Toot-Toot, (and please don’t bite our faces off.)  Everybody else, enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Mr. Mancini?  Some appropriate music, if you please.


We begin with some solo images of Finnick in Little Toot-Toot mode.

Well-l-l-l, they say those cancer-sticks are the grown-up version of a pacifier.

フィニック by ゆーり
Source [2]


Be Yourself by Silverfox5213
Source [3]

Word to the wise; if you decide to go for one of those hugs, check your watch and wallet before you walk away.

Zootopia:Free hugs! by fredvegerano
Source [4]

We love those super-exaggerated ears.

Baby Finnick by Corgi
Source [5]

Little FInnick by @dogear218
Source [6]

56905955_p0 by えいち
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EleFinnick by Elizabethjones18
Source [8]

パオンパオーン by @mortic_ox
Source [9]

The big, soulful eyes routine; gets ’em every time.

Soulful Eyes by @mortic_ox
Source [10]

[RT18 Quick Sketch] Elephant Onesie Finnick by obediently-otsoko
Source [11]

Fooled her, anyway

Zootopia: Finnick, you’re so cute! by david31t
Source [12]

Here’s some pics of Finnick with a Jumbo-Pop.  (How the heck does he manage to keep from falling over?)

ele-Finnick by Richmen
Source [13]

tumblr_o8d66p7Uy21sf51hmo1_1280 by chrisuminga
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57268980_p10_master1200 by あお壱
Source [15]

“It’s YOUR turn to carry it, Nick.”

56996084_p1_master1200 by お芋
Source [16]

And with that, we segue into a gallery of images, featuring ‘Baby’ Finnick together with his sometime partner in hustles, Nick Wilde.

Finnick is looking like, “I’ll GET him for this!”

Toot Toot by secoh2000
Source [17]

Not an elephant costume, we know, but this was too good not to include.

Baby Carrier by Kuneho
Source [18]

No collection of Finnick fanart would be complete without a few pieces by Mortic Ox.

Head’s Up by @mortic_ox
Source [19]

Celebrating a successful score, (but watch out for the bunny-cop behind you.)

Untouchables by Ziegelzeig
Source [20]

And that calls for adding Judy to the mix.

At it Again by @mortic_ox
Source [21]

You guys are gonna strangle him, if you’re not careful.

ズートピアまとめ2 by モーティコ
Source [22]

“‘Woo-hoo,’ I thought. ‘Nick joined the ZPD’ I thought.  ‘Now I’ll NEVER have to put on that stupid baby-elephant costume again,’ I thought!”

Bored in his Stroller by 葵
Source [23]

And Toot-Toot Makes Three by @mortic_ox
Source [24]

Now, let’s move one to some random pics of Little Toot-Toot.

“Nick?  Nick!  I don’t need no stinkin’ Nick.”

Art of Nik – 060. Procyon and Finnick by NikRaccoon
Source [25]

Playing a baby elephant definitely has its drawbacks.

tumblr_inline_o72ej9pYKi1u3d8ga_500 by kakeyon
Source [26]

…but it also has its advantages.

ズートピアまとめ2 by モーティコ
Source [27]

Not many people know this, but before Nick and Finnick finally settled on that baby-elephant get up, they tried, and rejected, several other costume ideas.
(Okay, not really.)

Finnick’s New Costume by ともず
Source [28]

And finally, have you ever wondered who Nick would have taken on as his partner, if Finnick had up and quit on him?

Neither have we.

Finnick’s Replacement by @joabaldwin
Source [29]

Until next time…stay safe and be well.