‘Try Everything’ Is Back in iTunes’ Top 100 Because of the Super Bowl

Zootopia is back in the limelight — OK, kinda — after Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show performance last weekend during which she wore a dress strikingly similar to her Very Original Zootopia OC Gazelle, and it turns out its theme song of sorts, “Try Everything,” is getting a bump as well.

As of press time today, Feb. 5, at noon ET, Shakira’s “Try Everything” is trending within the top 100 of the U.S. iTunes store, a spot it’s held on and off for the last few days. At this moment it’s sitting at No. 63, but some tweets have put it at least 10 spots higher earlier in the week.

That’s not too surprising — “Whenever, Wherever,” one of Shakira’s most recognizable tunes — has trended at No. 1 on the iTunes store for much of the week, and a smattering of other songs from her catalog are also above “Try Everything” at the moment. But hey, those songs were actually performed during the halftime show — “Try Everything” is a slightly different, er, beast.

Anyway, stream and download “Try Everything” for good grades and clear skin, or something.

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  1. Not surprising. After her Superbowl appearance, I imagine Shakira herself is trending. “Try Everything” gets a boost along with her.

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