New Episodes of Zootopiology!

The Zootopiology Podcast is back and better than ever!  Join Andy Lagopus and ACRacebest as they tackle the heavy questions: Where are the Birds in Zootopia, and why am I craving Arby’s?

We’ve got not one, but two episodes for y’all this evening.  First is the episode from January, expertly edited by DragonPalm18 with some illustrations by Quirky-Middle-Child.  In it, we discuss the most (in)famous fan-comic in the Zootopia Fandom, I Will Survive.  And all the memes that sprung up around it.  Good times were had!

Second, we have our first attempt at live streaming the podcast!  February saw us discussing some of the other species, like Reptiles, Birds, and Marine Mammals.  Where exactly are they?  We took questions and suggestions from the audience as well, which was a lot of fun.

The goal from here on out is to have new episodes every third Thursday of the month, around 9 PM EST.  Join us for future episodes, if you can!

Now without further ado, check out Episodes 4 and 5 of Zootopiology!

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  1. can you make the podcast shorter, like instead of this, have two 30 min episodes.

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