Art of the Day #385 Happy (Belated) Nick and Judy Day

I love you!!! by link6432
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The ‘official’ Nick and Judy Day was actually last Thursday, (or so one of my fellow members of the ZNN Treasure Hunters team informs me.) Unfortunately, that being the third day of our Halloween week fanart collection, we were unable to pay proper tribute.

Now, however, we hope to rectify that situation — by presenting a new gallery of Nick and Judy fanart.   Many of these images were only recently collected, and none have been presented in a Wildehopps album before,

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We’re not sure if this is concept art or not…but this pic from the ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootoopis shows the moment when Nick and Judy’s relationship first began to change.

Dinnertable by Dan Cooper
Source [2]

Having a relationship with Nick Wilde can be difficult at times.

Nick x Judy Noogie by WuttheJeff
Source [3]

…even frustrating…

“Now Carrots, just calm down; I-I-I can explain everything….”

Lousy Fox! by secoh2000
Source [4]

…but he always knows how to make it up to her.

Surprise Date by Ziegelzeig
Source [5]

(And if flowers don’t work, there’s always the BIG guns.)

Sundae by @LeFrenchUnicorn
Source [6]

Sometimes, their relationship can be strain for Nick as well…

Unknown by @miroukitsu
Source [7]

….even a BIG strain….

Solving the Case by imDRUNKonTEA
Source [8]

…but Judy always knows how to put a smile on her fox’s face.

A Good Man by @monmokamoko
Source [9]

After all, what are partners for?

Nick and Judy by Skiepki
Source [10]

Sometimes, the best moments you spend together are the quietest ones.

Chillin’ on The Porch by 少林ボンズ
Source [11]

Unknown by jam-art
Source [12]

The Ties that Bind by 少林ボンズ
Source [13]

Zootopia by -Seraphim-
Source [14]

Look at me! <3 by MoonLynxx
Source [15]

…or when you’re just doing ordinary things together.

You know you love me. by secoh2000
Source [16]

Strolling (patreaon) by yelnatsdraws
Source [17]

Shoreline by Mitsuharu
Source [18]

Spring by @atlantica0208
Source [19]

Flowers by @takatmadisney
Source [20]

But by far,the strongest moment in any relationship is when you’ve weathered a crises together.

Nick and Judy by EeviArt
Source [21]

Is somebody trying to tell them something, ya think?

Nick x Judy Fireworks by WutTheJeff
Source [22]

The REAL fireworks are just about to start.

Judy and Nick by AloisMorgan
Source [23]

Dancing in the moonlight.

Inktober Day 9: Swing by @bunnie_mae
Source [24]

Well, Nick?

Judy X Nick by Cynderthedragon5768
Source [25]

What are you waiting for?

Unknown by WindPoro
Source [26]

No, no, nooooooo!  Not on the forehead, you DUMB fox!

Tango Kiss by exalleyx
Source [27]

…and not on the ears, either.

Unknown by @monmokamoko
Source [28]

I guess Judy’s just going to have to show you how it’s done

Zoo Trash IV by XPlaysX
Source [29]

I think she got it.


Can’t take my eyes off you by zigrock001
Source [30]

And finally….shhhhh…

Commission 2 – Rise to the occasion by link6432
Source [31]

Until Next Time….

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