Art of the Day #379: The Colors of Autumn, 2019

A cool Autmun Eveing by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [1]

And here it is, that time of year again; the leaves are turning red and gold and the air is getting nippy; the kids are back in school and tees and tank tops are making way for scarves and sweaters.  The geese are gathering for their annual southbound excursions, while families gather for tailgate parties in stadium parking lots.

Autumn is here once more.

And so, in honor of the season, we we present our 2019 Zootopia fall fanart collection.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Here’s Nick, welcoming in the season.

Autumn by @askalin097
Source [2]

And here’s Judy.  (I like to kick Autumn leaves, don’t you like to kick Autumn leaves ?)

Judy Hopps Kicks by EaChronicles
Source [3]

Three pics of Judy, showing off her Fall ensemble.

Cozy Autumn Outfit by soranoiro
Source [4]

064x9j2 by Mod Lemon
Source [5]

Happy September by yelnatsdraws
Source [6]

Awww, Judy looks so sad in this pic.

Carrots by Kiki-Pupper
Source [7]

Luckily, she has a friend to cheer her up

Together by link6432
Source [8]

…although sometimes, she carries, this Autumn Friendship routine a mite too far.

Cause it’s November by @Drawing_Josh
Source [9]

Ahhh, but what would Nick do without her?
(There’s a comic to go with this pic.)

Tag-Along by qlacove
Source [10]

We continue with a series of images, showing Nick and Judy enjoying the Fall colors together.

A Wilde and Hopps Autumn by fauxcadet
Source [11]

Autumn Blueberries by Humphrey2520
Source [12]

Tree by red-velvet-panda
Source [13]

Nature changes by mechagen
Source [14]

Even when you’re working,  the Autumn can be an amazing time.

Fall is coming by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [15]

A comforting Kiss by knoton13
Source [16]

Uh, oh…don’t look now guys, but you’ve got company

Autumn Leaves by Koraru-san
Source [17]

Here’s one of Nick and Skye.  I really like this pic; it makes me want to bundle up, just looking at it.

Fall 1 by MartiniSnowfox
Source [18]

Walking in Autumn by soranoiro
Source [19]

I saw a Yellow Leaf by lilas-fandomworld
Source [20]

NJ by Semcool
Source [21]

Autumn Stroll, Judy and Nick by Stubat
Source [22]

Autumn Stroll, Judy and Nick, 25 years later by Stubat
Source [23]

And after an Autumn stroll, there’s nothing better than kicking back together in your favorite cafe.

Cafe by ertonWilliams
Source [24]

Here’s a pair of Fall-themed AU pics.

Zootopia Family Outing in Autumn by Stubat
Source [25]

Strolling Through The Park by Borba
Source [26]

And finally…Nick and Finnick, enjoying the season together.  (Is the little guy actually smiling?)

( キツネ親子のかわいさよ ) by ヤス子 by ヤスコ
Source [27]

Bonus pic


More Autumn Stuff by Engine Trap
Source [28]


Until next time…we leave you with this musical thought.

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