Art of the Day #369: Skye-Jacked

Jack X Skye by RhythmPopFox
Source [1]

Quite possibly the greatest paradox in the Zootopia universe is the case of the tiger-striped bunny, Jack Savage and the arctic-fox mechanic Skye. Created as characters for the anthropomorphic spy thriller that later evolved into Zootopia, they were dropped early on in the development phase; (they were gone even before the ‘shock-collar’ version of the film.)

For all that, they remain hugely popular within the Zootopia fan base, both as fanfiction characters and in fanart.

And so this week we present a new collection of images dedicated to the Zootopia’s other fox and bunny. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

We open with some solo Images of Skye

the first know image of her; an early concept piece by Zootopia co-director Byron Howard.  Although most artists these days draw her as an arctic fox, I’m not so sure that was ever the Disney Studios’ original intention for her.

First Look at Skye by @ByronPHoward
Source [2]

One place where the Skye fan-artists do stay true to her roots is that she’s frequently depicted in grease-stained mechanic’s overalls.

Skye 03 by Thorn
Source [3]

Skye…the early years.

Stream drawings from some days ago, 1/2 by @foxefuel
Source [4]

Judging by the elbow-pads, I’d say she’s either wearing rollerblades or standing on a skateboard in this pic.

Hiking by @EngineTrap
Source [5]

Another one of Andrej S. Kalin’s brilliant trompe-l’oiel pics

Skye Sky by askalin
Source [6]

From yesterday’s stream by @foxefuel
Source [7]

Note the bunny-ears on the umbrella.

Stream things 2 of 2 by @EngineTrap
Source [8]

Awww, don’t you just want to hug her?

Lonely vixen by foxfuel by foxefuel
Source [9]

After a tough day in the garage, it’s nice to just take it easy.

Taking a Break by akella33
Source [10]

Vacations – Vixen Beach – Skye by link6432
Source [11]

Skye 02 by @EngineTrap
Source [12]

Skye 01 by juantriforce
Source [13]

Even the most mechanically inclined  occasionally meet their match.

Vaccuum Disappointment by @foxefuel
Source [14]

Balcony by @EngineTrap
Source [15]

Skyedance by @foxefuel
Source [16]

Here’s a slightly more aggressive depiction of Skye

Skye by yitexity
Source [17]

She not only fixes rides, she drives ’em

Yep, she’s in this pic, check the car-window

Very Serious Skye by sheyzeewreckedman
Source [18]

Skye by yiexity
Source [19]

Skye and Skyline GTR R34 :3 by JudyHopps44
Source [20]

Racing Fox by askalin
Source [21]

Jack Savage is no slouch in the automotive department either.  Here’s a quick collection of some of his artwork,


Jack Savage – Keisuke Takahashi by judyhopps44
Source [22]

Jack Savage by ASKalin
Source [23]

Jack Savage by ASKalin
Source [24]

♪ “Oh, I try to dumb my feelings down
in every bar, in every town….”♫

Savage – Moments (by Jeffk38uk) by Jeffk38uk
Source [25]

♪ “but your eyes follow me around
Why can’t I get you off my mind?” ♫

Richard Thompson – Two-Faced Love

Jack Savage by GEMIX97
Source [26]

Jack by Mistress-Kagura
Source [27]

This picture is kind of an exception to the rule, folks.  Have you noticed?  Most of the time Jack Savage is drawn with serious expression on his face.

WinterJack by [ittybittykittytittys
Source [28]

Jack Savage by ASKalin
Source [29]

Jack and Ronald by @ritwells
Source [30]

Next we have some images of Jack and Skye together.

Skye and Jack by ASKalint
Source [31]

Surprised kiss – Savageskye by jolyn0710
Source [32]

Stream drawings from some days ago, 1/2 by @foxefuel
Source [33]

I wanted to include this picture, because it’s just about the only one I’ve seen that accurately depicts Skye as an arctic-fox vixen

Jack and Skye by stevegallacci
Source [34]

“Say ‘hello’ to my lil’ frien’!”

From yesterday’s stream by @foxefuel
Source [35]

And finally, that’s CAPTAIN Jack Savage, if you please.

Jack’s Back by ittybittykittytittys
Source [36]

Bonus pic:  There can be only ONE First fox-and-bunny couple in this town!

Vacations: Volleyball in the beach by Link6432
Source [37}

Until next time…

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  1. Woah, one by stevegallacci, the grandfather of the Furry fandom! Imagine seeing your life’s work come to cultural fruition forty years later in a billion dollar Disney film.

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