Creative Profiles #5: JuanTriforce

Hello and welcome everyone to another fun-filled article of Creative Profiles, where we here at ZNN try to search out more obscure or lesser known artists and authors, stick them on a podium and let them bask in skill-filled glory that they deserve for their wonderful creations. So, without further ado, this week’s Creative Profile is about….




(da na na na naaaa!)

If you didn’t believe I wouldn’t make at least one Zelda reference with that name, then you’re mistaken. I’ll try forcing out as many as possible during this, as humor helps you remember points of time better, and boy oh boy should you remember Juan’s artwork.

Three Wild Years

(even these guys after their wild night will remember his artwork)

Shading…lighting…emotions…Juan has it all in his artwork and it shows. He can create all types of amazing scenes, or simple drawings and sketches yet each one of them delivers an emotional response to the viewer. For reference, just look below…

All those Empty Wasted Years

If you feel nothing after seeing this, you’re probably Bellwether. And nobody wants to be a Bellwether. The emotions captured in the scene are incredibly, especially with the lighting and effects he adds to his artwork as well. I may not be an artist, or know a lot of fancy artsy, technical terms (as showcased by this last sentence), but I do know when a piece hits ya in your gut like a charging rhino.

Is comedy more your thing? Or do you like comics? Well then, JuanTriforce is the artist for you as well! Just like he can encapsulate the same feelings and fun and channel them into incredibly fun comics.

Fast Heart Rate Page 1

(if you catch the references here, then good, you’re as old in the fandom as codgers like myself)

I won’t post the second piece, as you HAVE to see it yourself. It takes a turn you wouldn’t expect in a very good way. His comics are lighthearted, fun, extremely enjoyable and each still gives me a chuckle after seeing so many comics out there. You remember what he draws for the skill, fun, and positive enjoyment from viewing them. And if you want fluff, he’s got that covered too!

I’ll show you the World, My Queen

(I’m sure Judy would share the space on the door-raft with Nick)

So go on over to visit Juan’s page on DeviantArt. Give him a follow, a llama (not a real one, they spit and that just gets everywhere), and makes sure to view his fantastic work, leaving well deserved favorites and comments. As seriously, his artwork is not to be missed and I could go on for hours about all of his artwork, especially the fluffy ones of WildeHopps, SavageSkye…just…wow those are adorable!!!

With that, I end this Creative Profile with the wish that you check out JuanTriforce’s page and see his incredible art. This has been Cimar/WildeHopps, take care, and see you on the next Creative Profil”!

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  1. Juantriforce is a truly awesome artist! I have two works by him and I love them both. One is a cover pic which he knocked out of the park and another is a scene from a story.

    Seriously I can’t give this artist enough praise. They are fun to work with and they create and truly amazing images.

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