Story: A Little Wilde

Art: skeletonguys-and-ragdolls


By: karategal

Nick and Judy adopting a kit together is a premise that has had plenty of coverage in the Zootopia fandom over the past few years, but it’s safe to say this one-shot was one of the very first to explore that idea. After all, it was written within a month of the film’s US release, all the way back in March 2016! So, enjoy this blast from the past, a delightfully wholesome piece of what it’d be like for our heroes to take care of a young fox. The verdict? They’re darn good parents. ~DrummerMax64

Description: Five years after the Night Howlers case, Nick and Judy decide that they’re not getting any younger and there are lots of kits out there who need a loving family. As usual, they stir up quite the controversy with their familial choices, but Chief Bogo and the ZPD have their backs on this particular decision.

A Little Wilde

Additional tags: If they ever need a babysitter, Bogo is always a good option.