Story: A Feast for Fools

Art: doraemonbasil

[Humor][April Fools’][K-9][One-Shot]

By: Pandora (paperclipbutterfly)

Nick Wilde’s a prankster. I know that, you know that, Judy Hopps especially knows that. Which is why she’s about to give him a taste of his medicine this April Fools’ Day, and he’s not her only co-worker who’s gonna get caught in the crossfire. But fool Nick once, shame on the perpetrator. A Feast for Fools presents a highly enjoyable scenario at the ZPD’s first precinct; instead of getting pranked yourself today, why not read a story about it happening to others? ~YFWE

Description: It’s April Fools’ Day, and Judy Hopps has been preparing some very special treats for the occasion to prank her coworkers with… especially Nick. What does the day of jokes and shenanigans have in store for the bunny officer? Maybe more than she can stomach.

A Feast for Fools

Additional tags: you don’t prank a prankster

This fun one-shot should make up for the April Fool’s posts earlier, right?  Yeah, that should do it.  ~Andy