Story Updates: February 20, 2019

You know what the above image means — new Born to Be Wilde!

After a few weeks of inactivity, Berserker88’s finally got the new chapter of the long-running fanfic out, alongside the latest editions from some of our other favorite and routinely updated stories.

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Updated stories:
Born to Be Wilde by Berserker88
Rain of Blue Petals by Empressimperia
Ouroboros: The Endless Cycle by WANMWAD
The Fire Triangle – Part 1: Fuel by Merc_Marten
Take a Stand: The Broken Mirror by Garouge Faux
Different Tails by VariableMammal

Born to Be Wilde
Ch. 26: Simon Slays

Rain of Blue Petals
Ch. 31: Jack V
Also on AO3

Ouroboros: The Endless Cycle
Ch. 23
Also on AO3

The Fire Triangle — Part One: Fuel
Ch. 68
Also on AO3

Take a Stand: The Broken Mirror
Ch. 32: Schemes

Different Tails
Also on AO3