Story: Clawhauser’s Adequately Sized Score

Artwork: JamieSquibbles


By: IronicSnap

It’s rare to find a story to perfectly captures every character in it, the way they are in the movie. This story does that. From the easy back-and-forth between Nick and Judy, to the stoic with a hint of myrth in Chief Bogo, every character is extremely well-written. A fun, quick one shot about Ben and his performance review. ~Gorgancm

Description: Clawhauser’s annual performance report comes with an ultimatum; prove to Bogo he can still work in the field, or suffer the consequences. Can the chatty cheetah confront the challenge? …Yeah, probably.

Clawhauser’s Adequately Sized Score

Additional tags: “Life is just a series of challenges, y’know? Every so often you gotta get out of your comfort zone.”

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