Comic: This Is What True Love Looks Like, Part 2 (by Sprinkah and Uzrfrndly)

Before this article begins, I wanna introduce one of my newest members of the content curator teamm Gabriel LaVedier! With Gabriel on the team, along with SmashGenesis, we can cover a lot more articles a week! So without further ado, take it away, Gabe!

New content curator and poodle of culture Gabe here, to present you with… the reason this fandom lives and breathes: Creation, raw and wondrous.

We’ve had some content around pregnancy, and that’s been a thing. But here, that is merely the start. We begin in media res, Judy on the verge of maternity, and by her side, that dumb fox, supporting her. The children are not his; they belong to a vanished Jack, whom she wishes to see gone. And that’s just on page four!

High drama indeed, but quiet drama, by and large. It’s primarily rendered in a quick and artistically messy sketch style with occasional forays into tone, raw coloring and at present a halftone effect with almost chiaroscuro elements. The beating heart is the interaction, the conversation between the deeply uncertain new mother and the supportive fox who almost feels like he’s smiling for two. It is, in some way, the condensation, the distillation, of the the mammalian condition.

At present it stands at 50 pages. Not an eye-busting read. You should go, grab some tea, a bowl of popcorn and let it in. Feel the warmth and relatability of this lovely artistic creation. No spoilers, just be prepared to lose your heart by page 10. Truly. Enjoy the first 10 pages from where we left off last year!

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