Story: Night Plague

Art: DragonTamer2000

[Horror][Supernatural][Mystery][Period Piece][Complete][T-13]

By: Omnitrix 12

Fans of monster movies, supernatural mysteries and period pieces are in for a fantastic read. With “Night Plague,” Omnitrix 12 transports the characters of Zootopia back in time — and gives them literal monsters, particularly a certain count, to deal with. The works of Shelley, Stoker and more are touchstones here, and if that’s not enough to get you intrigued, the plot’s heavy tone and mystery sure will. ~YFWE

Description: In Victorian Zootopia, Nicholas Wilde went on what seemed a normal business trip abroad to sell an estate. Months later he appeared half-crazed at an abbey in Boarda-pesth. His friend and confidant Judy Hopps rushed to meet him and try to nurse him back to health, but what she discovered was a breed of evil beyond her darkest nightmares. This is their story.

Night Plague
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Additional tags: also this story made me remember that Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman wow #throwback