Art of the Day #311: Zootopia S.W.A.T

An Even More Romantic Moment by pandramodot
Source [1]

S.W.A.T, the Special Weapons And Tactics division. Every big-city police force has one, and Zootopia is no exception. When Chief Bogo calls assignments in the briefing room toward the end of the film, the first one he gives out is, “Officers Fangmeyer, Grizzoli, Delgato…Tundratown SWAT.”

And so today we present a collection of images featuring Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps serving with the ZPD’s SWAT unit.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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We begin with a series of images showing Judy Hopps as a SWAT officer.

Only Judy could look adorable in TAC-Gear

Six Shooter by iPoke
Source [2]

Judy Hops SWAT Style by theowlart29
Source [3]

Judy Hopp, SWAT Officer by paranoiac27
Source [4]

Jydy Hopps by Korpisoturi91
Source [5]


Okay, this is overkill

She Wants to Help by stedilnik
Source [6]

Ouch!  Dat recoil gonna break her arm.

Judy, no! by stedilnik
Source [7]

Interesting to note that we never saw the trank-dart gun Judy’s holding here in the movie; it only showed up in the teaser-trailer.

Hopps Swat by Sreddyswag
Source [8]

Yeah, we know  Hardline is battlefield game, but Judy is still wearing ZPD gear in this pic.

Zootopia Hardline by foxsalsa
Source [9]

SWAT Judy by theDarkshadow1990
Source [10]

Why so serious, Judy?

Zootopia SWAT by flakjackal
Source [11]

Judy T’go by ToniBabelony
Source [12]

Judy Hopps, SWAT by axelegandersson
Source [13]

Officer Judy Hops by thelivingshadow
Source [14]

LOL, you gotta love that ear-armor!

Armored Hopps (Zootopia) by Strega
Source [15]

Hopps – 10-33 by Jeffk38uk
Source [16]

Moving along to our next series; for some reason, it’s a lot harder to find SWAT pictures of Nick than Judy

Bad Cop by 0leeduel0
Source [17]

The Police by foxnickwylde
Source [18]

Now, some pictures of Nick and Judy serving together in ZPD SWAT

SWAT team members spend a lot of time at the shooting range.

Nick and Judy in Firing Range by 0leeduel0
Source [19]

S.W.A.T. by Hope and Frustration
Source [20]

Z.P.D. Special Force by MrNEIN9
Source [21]

Hardline by [PentoKatsuwa
Source [22]

[COMMISSION] Commando Wilde Hopps by ziegelzeig
Source [23]

SWAT Bunny by HectorNY
Source [24]

The Raid by ル一キ一ドリフト
Source [25]

Wisenheimer fox!

Natually Gifted by iPoke
Source [26]

I dunno…a Porsche?  But I love that tank and helicopter.

Nick and Judy – The best ZPD officers by [Gisellethecupid 16
Source [27]

Body Armor by anothercolouranon
Source [28]

Th most recent Zootopia SWAT pic to hit the net.

Watch My Back by Th4rlDEAL
Source [29]

FUR-SWAT Operation by fox-comics
Source [30]

S.W.A.T. by zooshia 18
Source [31]

Z.P.D. Operators by Mrnein9
Source [32]

We close with three pictures showing Nick and Judy serving on a SWAT team, along with some of the other Zootopia characters.

Here they are with Skye and Jack Savage

Recon mission by brokeguy21-blog
Source [33]

Never knew Benjamin had it in him

Attack on Precinct One by ziegelzeig
Source [34]

With Officer McHorn.  That cylinder Nick’s holding is a flash-bang grenade

Try Everything: ZPDTU(SWAT team) by Lleu-Momiji
Source [35]

Until next time…


  1. Looking at all of this reminds me of Cat S*** One. Just looking at cute anthropomorphic animals wearing heavy body armor and wielding such realistically-modeled guns just gives me the Cat S*** One vibe.

  2. Body Armor by anothercolouranon… An assault rifle, and a carrot… Must be one HELL of a carrot.
    Watch My Back by Th4rlDEAL… One step removed from Legolas tossing Gimli into the orcs… and I don’t know which is funnier.
    Try Everything: ZPDTU(SWAT team) by Lleu-Momiji… Nick, if you’re about to say yours is bigger, just don’t… trust me on that.

  3. Well, based on what we know of the two’s skills in the (discontinued) Disney Infinity 3.0, Nick’s a sniper so he doesn’t have to wear as much Tac Armor as Judy…

    (Also, red foxes can see the Earth’s magnetic field, and actually employed the magnetic field lines to hunt for rodents under snow. And not for direction-finding [they use their ears for that] but for range-finding, so it’s more… appropriate for Nick to be a sniper instead of a front-love assault.)

  4. #6-7: armour too bulky and heavy for Judy… she is a light fighter.

    #14: wait! The gun in Judy’s paw… it’s a Dominator from “Psychopass”? Oo’

    #19: I like Nick and Judy, badass battle couple! <3

    #28: after a carrot-recorder, a… carrot-knife? Oo’

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