Comic Dub: A MERRY LITTLE TAG-ALONG (by Qalcove and MickelPickelVoiceActs)

With all the Christmas celebrations and New Year’s came a whole bunch of Christmas and new-years related Zootopia content! The winter season is still high and bright and while Christmas may be over, we still have the snowy atmosphere along with this new comic dub! 

Back in December 11, we covered “Tag-Along” which was created by Qalcove, CasVoiceActs and MicklePickelVoiceActs, and of course, they are bound to make a comic dub of that amazing comic! While winter has now settled in Zootopia, Nick seems to have a knack of getting along with mother nature. First it was the leaves, and now some snow! But Judy seems to be out of luck with mother nature when it comes to snow.

You can watch the full comic dub right after the break!