Special Art of The Day #287: The Carrot Pen

Nick and Judy by heffy038
Source [1]

It appeared on screen for less than five full minutes, but it played a huge part in the Zootopia story line — in Judy’s second encounter with Nick, in her reconciliation with him following that disastrous performance at the press conference, and in the final confrontation with Mayor Bellwether; Judy’s Carrot-Pen remains the most iconic prop in the film.

Here then, we present a collection of artwork dedicated to perhaps the most unsung ‘character’ in the movie.

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We begin with a pair of concept drawings, showing the evolution of Judy’s Carrot-Pen from the early prototypes to the final version, seen in the movie.

Here are a few that didn’t quite work out.

Carrot-Pen1 by Armand Serrano
Source [2]
And here’s the one that did.

Carrot-Pen2 by Armand Serrano
Source [3]

Judy’s Carrot pen actually made its firs appearance as an Easter Egg in the Disney film, Bolt

Carrot Connection by @KSKY21
Source [4]

“It’s called a hustle, Sweetheart, mwahahahaaaa!”

Fan Favorites #38 – Judy Hopps by Spainfischer
Source [5]

Probably the most famous ‘Carrot-Pen’ moment in Zootopia was one that took place under the bridge, when Judy caught up with Nick after returning to the city int he hope of trying to set things right.

“I really am just a dumb bunny!”

Don’t worry by つーあん@FANBOX開始
Source [6]
“Don’t worry Carrots, I’ll let you erase it…in 48 hours.”

In 48 Hours… by Moki君
Source [7]
“Oh, you bunnies, you’re so emotional.”

So Emotional by つーあん@FANBOX開始
Source [8]
“Are you just trying to steal the pen, is that it?”

Are you trying to steal the pen? by Kritall004
Source [9]

She’s got her trademark; he’s got his.

Bang! by Kurokuma824
Source [10]

tumblr_o8d3msUGyi1tb3zb2o1_1280 by nami-san22
Source [11]

Quite often, you’ll see Judy’s Carrot Pen as the centerpiece of some WildeHopps fanart — as illustrated by the pair of pics below.

A Long Day of Work by Joaoppereiraus
Source [12]

Nick Won’t Say It by Uncle Scooter
Source [13]

…although not necessarily as part of a Wildehopps pic with a happy ending

Missing You… by The Winterbunny
Source [14]

Nick and Judy using the carrot-pen during an interrogation.  (Re: the animal in the left foreground, I hope Judy;s got a LOT of unused storage space on that pen.)

zootopia by Milk-vetch
Source [15]

However, let us not forget that Judy’s Carrot-Pen is first and foremost a PEN!

I-I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Nick.

Office Shenanigans by iPoke
Source [16]
A succinct definition of Nick and Judy’s work relationship

Nick Dozes by charlenesketch
Source [17]
Nick Wilde’s Police Academy Days

Maybe Nick Studie hard by sanjiseo
Source [18]

She’ll get it back Nick, she ALWAYS gets it back.

Pen Hustle by raybee
Source [19]

See?  Told ya.

ズートピア by あたりメ by あたりメ
Source [20]

Notice how the Carrot-Pen is the only thing colored in this pic; really sets it off

zootopia by diablera
Source [21]

When you think about it, that Carrot Pen really IS kind of a spy-gadget, isn’t it?

Sly Fox by 艾妮
Source [22]

She has WAYS of making you talk.

Any last words? by m by m
Source [23]

Translation (not exact):  “I really am just a dumb bunny,”

Zurui Kitsune, Baka Usagi by Uncle Scooter
Source [24]

I have NO idea what is going on here.

St. Nicholas by Kristall004
Source [25]

We close with a couple of alternative versions of the Carrot-Pen

Judy is my waifu by Bubachan-desu
Source [26]
Go ahead, make her day.

ホップスさん by U-min by U-min(うーみん)
Source [27]

Until next time…

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  1. zootopia by Milk-vetch… Image 15… My head canon on the carrot pen is as it is a product of bunny technology, and bunnies are very much about ‘more is better’ (they ARE very good at multiplying). Judy’s carrot pen uses a memory chip and probably has six to eight hours of recording space and battery power. Under the green twist top is the usb charge/download port.

    Judy is my waifu by Bubachan-desu… Image 26… and ホップスさん by U-min by U-min(うーみん)… Image 27… display why the salad shooter is a weapon type which requires a license in Zootopia.

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