Zootopia Deleted Scene Comic Dub: Koslov’s Threat (by The Zootopia Dubbing Channel)

I actually appreciate these dubs! They give the deleted scenes a lively feeling by giving it a dub, and it becomes more and more legitimate as if they were actually in the movie!

The Zootopia Dubbing Channel is back at it again with another dub. This time around, they provide a spin on one of the deleted scenes of Zootopia back when the story revolved around taming predators with collars, known in the fandom as Zistopia.
The scene was originally drawn by Chris Hubbard during its early stages and was cut during Zootopia’s story transition. However, the ZDC gave it a good light of life by giving the scene an amazing dub. (Seriously, whoever did Koslov’s voice deserves a pay raise!)
Check out the comic dub right after the break!


    • This article is very interesting and neat to see, but I noticed a few typos I thought I'd point out.

      – "of the in famous Zistopia!"

      Minor typo. Easily fixed.

      – "I actually appreciate these dubs! They give the deleted scenes a lively feeling by giving it a dub,"

      Repeat statement that just plain reads awkward. Also easily fixed.

      They may be simple mistakes, but they take away from the merit of the actual article. They aren't that important, but are distracting to read over. As some constructive criticism, I recommend hiring someone to proofread and/or edit these ZNN articles that you post, if you haven't already, or maybe just keep a better eye out for mistakes? I love this website to death and try to read every article, don't get me wrong, but I thought I'd point those out for you to help make it even better.

      Congratulations on nearly reaching 8 million views, by the way. You're almost there!

    • This wasn't really necessary, nor needed to be a reply to my comment; not all the ZNN volunteers (for they are all volunteers, no one is hired per se to do anything, keep that in mind) have English as their first fluent language, and this site is not kept up as someone's job/livelihood. A handful of typos here and there will not deter most of those who visit this site anyway (to quote what you said, not that important), particularly those who regularly check in and like the content. Good writing is nice, but we're here for the content, not the notes anyway.

    • Oh, sorry, didn't mean to post it on your comment. My bad! I only sparingly comment on ZNN, and I'm not the most tech savvy gal around. I just felt like pointing out those mistakes. It's in my nature to be a nitpick. But you are right, they aren't bad at all or a deal breaker in any way. Just distracting.

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