Special Art of the Day #267: ZPD Headquarters

Donut Run by Wolfanic
Source [1]

“Judy, it is my great privilege to officially assign you to the heart of Zootopia, precinct one: City Center.”

With those words, Mayor Leodore Lionheart gave Judy Hopps the most coveted assignment in the ZPD.

And so today, we feature a collection of concept and fanart dedicated to Zootopia Police headquarters, the facility and the officers.  For this album, we’re including a few images of the ZPD’s lesser-known fursonell, plus maybe a concept pic or two of characters that never made into the final production

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Concept art of the desk set up inside Precinct One

JM ZPD Desks by jimjam-art
Source [2]
More desks. I always had the feeling that these were reserved for the officers of a slightly higher pay-grade than Nick and Judy

JM ZPD Desks.os jpg by jimjam-art
Source [3]
Nick works a desk while Judy passes by.

NickandJudy by cinicalfoxorion
Source [4]
Nick and Judy downstairs, questioning a subject.  Something tells me that this particular Q&A is going to take a lonnnnnng time.

zootopia by milkvetch
Source [5]
Concept pic of the ZPD bullpen, with Chief Bogo at the podium.

JM Bullpen layout by jimjam-art
Source [6]
Another bullpen concept pic; note that here, the tables have been exchanged for individual desks.

ZPD Bullpen Bogo JM by jimjam-art
Source [7]
A pair of images of the morning briefing.
Lights on…

Bullpen1 by @yasiplay
Source [8]
Lights off.

Bullpen2 by @yasiplay
Source [9]
The gang’s all here.

ZPD(Color) by thankful830309
Source [10]
Presiding over Precinct One is Chief Bogo

Chief Bogo by LionKingRulez
Source [11]
With the invaluable help of Officer Benjamin Clawhauser

Clawhauser! by Silverclaw1
Source [12]
The grumpy guy on the left is Officer McHorn, the rhino Judy tried to get to exchange a fist bump, on her first day on the job. (Moral: Be careful what you wish for, Bunny.)

Cops in Uniform by @bigbadnickwolf
Source [13]
No that’s not McHorn again, it’s Officer Rhinowitz. (I think.) 
(The cylinder Nick is holding is a flash-bang grenade.)

Try Everything: ZPDTU(SWAT team) by lieu-momiji
Source [14]
There’s been some debate as to whether Officer Fangmeyer is a tiger or a tigress.  I leave it up to the viewer’s discretion.

Zootopia : Officer Tiger by mushstone
Source [15]
Fangmeyer frog-marches a suspect.

Zootopia Sketch 06 by quephren
Source [16]
Officers Grizzoli and Wolford.

Wolford and Grizzoli by jsdchamp99
Source [17]
Yes, Grizzoli is a wolf, not a bear, as some folks seem to think.  Check the ‘assignments scene’, towards the end of Zootopia; you’ll see him stand up in response to that name.

Graduation day. by Corgi
Source [18]
The bear on the far left is Officer Snarlov

Zootopia Police (Sketch) by Lobowupp
Source [19]
Bogo vs. Delgato.  My money is on the chief

Who will win? Zootopia by Husky50
Source [20]
Now, now, anybody can make a mistake.

Will You actually Swap Our Jobs someday by @MasaBowser
Source [21]
A pic Byron Howard created for a promotional tour of Japan  Officer Matsuotter is pretty much a forgotten figure, but as the pics below this one will attest, not so Officer Catano.

Kii and Taichi by @ByronPHoward
Source [22]

ZPD Rapid Responder by BlueDouble
Source [23]

Catano Drawings by Jaskenator7000
Source [24]
Not the most tech-savvy animals on the planet, are they?

COMMISSION IT room at the ZPD by murlik
Source [25]
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