Story: Roomies

Art by JohnMigleArt

[Rating K9][Humor][Friendship][Fluff]

How domestic can one fic get? That’s what IronicSnap aims to answer in “Roomies,” an all-out friend fest of a fanfiction where Judy and Nick decide to move in together after successfully solving the Night Howler crisis, for both monetary purposes and to help prepare the fox for his time at the academy. Their chemistry is off the charts here, giving readers a marvelously authentic depiction of what the pair would be like when sharing the same living space. And wait till you see what happens when the tears start flowing for them, because you very might well get misty-eyed too. Deftly mixing witty humor with sincere warmth and companionship, these are slices of life in the Wilde and Hopps story you don’t want to miss out on. ~DrummerMax64

Author: IronicSnap

Description :
Mid-canon fluff. Nick is struggling with the physical demands of police academy training. Luckily, his new room-mate is unflappably supportive.

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Additional Tags: Judy sure must be a good roommate if she can put up with all the shed fox fur everywhere!