Art of the Day #235

For no reason by cyberamethyst
Source [1]

Here’s Judy in some vintage threads. The original description of this pic says she’s wearing 18th Century Clothing but it looks more 19th Century to me. (Civil War era) What’s your take?

In the meantime we present another collection of random Zootopia fanart for your appreciation. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Judy Thinking in her desktop by cinicalfoxorion
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Unknown by cinicalfoxorion
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Do you wanna a Donut? by cinicalfoxorion
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Fuzzy! by caliosidhe
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What’s going on? by andrejskalin
Source [6]

Time for a good nap! by fredvegerano
Source [7]

UNDERWAY (Zootopia Story) 16 by neytirix
Source [8]

Those Violet Orbs by charlotteray
Source [9]

Officer Wilde by 0leedueol0
Source [10]

Love-struck by jackorjohn
Source [11]

Balloonacy by jackorjohn
Source [12]

Unknown by @dogear218
Source [13]

memories by @strawberry628
Source [14]

hidaddy by @mortic_ox
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nick by @Lazydoog
Source [16]

LT – Nice to Meet You, Miss Hopps by Qalcove
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For no reason by cyberamethyst
Source [18]

For no reason by cyberamethyst
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TFF Nick by kitsunezero
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Officer Hopps by kitsunezero
Source [21]

Did I ever tell you the definition of a hustle? by efhosci
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